Consultation Services

Individual Training & Nutrition Coaching

  • Complete exercise training program
  • Full nutrition coaching program
  • meal plans
  • 1 on 1 and group training
  • Programs start at $99/month for Cookeville residents and $50/month for students

Consulting for

  • sports nutrition systems for your sports team or university
  • fitness & wellness business consulting
  • corporate wellness
  • advisory board


  • Free initial consultations.
  • Costs will depend on size of the project.

What if I can’t afford services?!

I got you covered, friend! Check out programs and workout plans under the “free stuff” tab. Your situation may not require specialized programming from me- give the free stuff a shot and see how it goes.


Located in Cookeville, TN. Sports dietitian and nutritionist. Sports nutrition consulting. Personal training and performance coaching.

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