5 Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

Use reusable shopping bags Reusable shopping bags are inexpensive and easy to find. Keep a few in your car in case you forget to grab them out of your kitchen before you head to the store. Many grocery stores in Cookeville allow you to use reusable bags. Aldi is one store that requires you toContinue reading “5 Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly”

How to Make Healthy Choices

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about making choices. You choose to be active. You choose to eat vegetables. You choose to limit your sugar intake. Sometimes it can be tough to make the right choice or know what the right choice even is. Here you can find some healthy substitutes for current choices youContinue reading “How to Make Healthy Choices”

Best Places to Workout in Cookeville

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand to maintain optimal health. Nutrition and exercise assist in maintaining physical health, mental health, improved mood, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, promote weight loss or prevent weight gain, and enhance the quality of sleep. Calories and nutrients are essential to fuel the body before exercise, replenish theContinue reading “Best Places to Workout in Cookeville”

Snack Smarter in 3 Easy Steps

Do you ever find yourself hungry throughout the day with nothing on hand to satisfy your need? Often, this sends you directly to the nearest vending machine filled with less than ideal options or the fast food restaurant next to the office. Unfortunately, thoughtless snacking like this throughout the day can lead to undesirable results.Continue reading “Snack Smarter in 3 Easy Steps”

5 Nutrition Tips for New Moms

Nutrition can be tough for new moms. Check out this video for 5 nutrition tips for you and your growing baby. Breastfeed if possible Consider taking vitamin supplements Moderate your caffeine intake Try quick and easy meals Try grocery store pickup orders If you want 1 on 1 nutrition guidance for you and your family,Continue reading “5 Nutrition Tips for New Moms”