5 Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

Use reusable shopping bags Reusable shopping bags are inexpensive and easy to find. Keep a few in your car in case you forget to grab them out of your kitchen before you head to the store. Many grocery stores in Cookeville allow you to use reusable bags. Aldi is one store that requires you toContinue reading “5 Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly”

3 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

1. Follow the plate method Make half of your plate color from plants, a quarter of your plate lean protein, and a quarter of your plate whole grains. Following the plate method ensures you are nourishing your body with what is needs. It is okay to enjoy treats as well but stick to small servings!Continue reading “3 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season”

Tips for a Successful Grocery Store Trip

Grocery shopping can be stressful and overwhelming due to the endless amount of options available. Below are some tips that will help to guide you through the grocery store.  Tip #1: Plan Ahead             Plan a grocery list prior to going to the store by writing it down or putting it into your phone. Not havingContinue reading “Tips for a Successful Grocery Store Trip”

5 Tips to Increase Your Protein Intake

It is easy to consume refined carbohydrates and fats when eating the typical American diet, but it is not so easy to get adequate protein. Protein is responsible for muscle growth and repair, nutrient transport throughout the body, and immune health, just to name a few of its functions. Below you will find easy tipsContinue reading “5 Tips to Increase Your Protein Intake”

How to Make Healthy Choices

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about making choices. You choose to be active. You choose to eat vegetables. You choose to limit your sugar intake. Sometimes it can be tough to make the right choice or know what the right choice even is. Here you can find some healthy substitutes for current choices youContinue reading “How to Make Healthy Choices”

5 Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving

Move! Complete some sort of physical activity. This could be a walk, run, or lifting session. Get the whole family involved. Set a timer for 60 minutes and get active! 2. Do Not Skip Breakfast Many people will skip breakfast to save calories for the big lunch or dinner. This may lead to overindulging whenContinue reading “5 Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving”