Nutrition Internship #1

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Before you begin your internship with Cookeville Nutrition Experts, there is a brief onboarding process to complete. Once you can complete all the learning materials, assignments and pass our entrance exam score with a 85% or better- you will be ready to start working with us personally for your next level of experience.


  1. Learn and remember the fundamentals of: (1) nutrition private-practice, (2) insurance and credentialing for dietitians (3) business fundamentals (4) client management software, and (5) various front-office software programs
  2. Pass an entrance quiz into our internship

Learning Materials:

  1. Video- Passion for business
  2. Video- Overview of nutrition business as a career
  3. Video- Making an infographic
  4. Video- Healthie client management software

Entrance Exam:

Step 1: Write out your personal and professional goals. Specifically address:

  1. Why private practice might appeal to you
  2. Where you want to be professionally in 1, 3, and 5 years.
    1. What will it take to get there
    2. What will be easy or hard about it
    3. What 3 things should you be focused on now?
  3. What time (schedule) will you dedicate to working with us each week?

Step 2: Create a nutrition infographic

Make an infographic 1-page handout on any nutrition topic/recipe/meal/food you like. Download the file below for the power point template to help you get started.

Step 3: Pass the test

Review the learning materials then answer these questions. Once you are able to score a 85% or higher, you’re ready to get started. At this moment- the test is an interview with the owner. Please have your materials ready to go.

Published by Anthony Paradis

Registered Dietitian Adventurer Strength & Conditioning Specialist Artist Teacher

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